The art of being beautiful

“beauty lies in the eyes of beholder!”

This is something my teacher always used to tell me when I was young. According to this, if you’re beautiful, everyone in this entire world would seem beautiful, no matter how many flaws they have.

Beauty is not about how to get a perfect spotless face or a really thin waist. Not about how to look like a queen because you cannot, not until you stop being mean. Because Beauty isn’t just about these superficial things, it’s about a heart that flies without wings. A heart that’s beautiful from within, that’s all what beauty is in.

In today’s world, you’ll find so many people with a pretty face. Some with pretty eyes, some with pretty lips, some pretty hair and some pretty perfect. But you’ll barely come across people who are pretty from the inside.

‌Since our birth, we’re never taught to be beautiful from the inside, to have a heart that gives; but we’re taught to be like those supermodels. If you have a dark complexion or you’re not size zero, you’ll never be successful. Not in your career, not in your life. People will laugh at you. And just thinking about this, gives us so many insecurities that are enough not to let us become successful! To not let us be self-confident.

We’re never taught what really matters, to be confident in your own body, to be beautiful from the inside. We’re never taught that it’s not really a pretty face that makes an everlasting impact on people, but a beautiful heart that does. We need to learn this on our own.

You can have a pretty face, and still be hated by so many people. While, though some people are not that beautiful from the outside, but they’re still admired and loved by people. So, learn to be caring and kind and giving. And not just how to have a pretty face or tiny waist!

Thankyou so much.